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/* $Id: textDisp.h,v 1.31 2008/01/04 22:11:04 yooden Exp $ */
*                                                                              *
* textDisp.h -- Nirvana Editor Text Diplay Header File                         *
*                                                                              *
* Copyright 2003 The NEdit Developers                                          *
*                                                                              *
* This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the    *
* terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software    *
* Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later   *
* version. In addition, you may distribute versions of this program linked to  *
* Motif or Open Motif. See README for details.                                 *
*                                                                              *
* This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT *
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or        *
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for    *
* more details.                                                                *
*                                                                              *
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with *
* software; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple     *
* Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307 USA                                 *
*                                                                              *
* Nirvana Text Editor                                                          *
* July 31, 2001                                                                *
*                                                                              *


#include "textBuf.h"

#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <Xm/Xm.h>


#define NO_HINT -1

00042 typedef struct {
    char *highlightName;
    char *styleName;
    char *colorName;
    char isBold;
    char isItalic;
    unsigned short red;
    unsigned short green;
    unsigned short blue;
    Pixel color;
    Boolean underline;
    XFontStruct *font;
    char *bgColorName;      /* background style coloring (name may be NULL) */
    unsigned short bgRed;
    unsigned short bgGreen;
    unsigned short bgBlue;
    Pixel bgColor;
} styleTableEntry;

00061 typedef struct graphicExposeTranslationEntry {
    int horizontal;
    int vertical;
    struct graphicExposeTranslationEntry *next;
} graphicExposeTranslationEntry;

typedef void (*unfinishedStyleCBProc)();

00069 typedef struct _calltipStruct {
    int ID;                 /* ID of displayed calltip.  Equals
                              zero if none is displayed. */
    Boolean anchored;       /* Is it anchored to a position */
    int pos;                /* Position tip is anchored to */
    int hAlign;             /* horizontal alignment */
    int vAlign;             /* vertical alignment */
    int alignMode;          /* Strict or sloppy alignment */
} calltipStruct;

00079 typedef struct _textDisp {
    Widget w;
    int top, left, width, height, lineNumLeft, lineNumWidth;
    int cursorPos;
    int cursorOn;
    int cursorX, cursorY;           /* X, Y pos. of last drawn cursor 
                                            Note: these are used for *drawing*
                                            and are not generally reliable
                                            for finding the insert position's
                                            x/y coordinates! */
    int cursorToHint;               /* Tells the buffer modified callback
                                 where to move the cursor, to reduce
                                 the number of redraw calls */
    int cursorStyle;                /* One of enum cursorStyles above */
    int cursorPreferredCol;         /* Column for vert. cursor movement */
    int nVisibleLines;              /* # of visible (displayed) lines */
    int nBufferLines;               /* # of newlines in the buffer */
    textBuffer *buffer;             /* Contains text to be displayed */
    textBuffer *styleBuffer;              /* Optional parallel buffer containing
                                 color and font information */
    int firstChar, lastChar;        /* Buffer positions of first and last
                                 displayed character (lastChar points
                                 either to a newline or one character
                                 beyond the end of the buffer) */
    int continuousWrap;             /* Wrap long lines when displaying */
    int wrapMargin;                 /* Margin in # of char positions for
                                 wrapping in continuousWrap mode */
    int *lineStarts;
    int topLineNum;                 /* Line number of top displayed line
                                 of file (first line of file is 1) */
    int absTopLineNum;              /* In continuous wrap mode, the line
                                 number of the top line if the text
                                 were not wrapped (note that this is
                                 only maintained as needed). */
    int needAbsTopLineNum;          /* Externally settable flag to continue
                                 maintaining absTopLineNum even if
                                 it isn't needed for line # display */
    int horizOffset;                /* Horizontal scroll pos. in pixels */
    int visibility;        /* Window visibility (see XVisibility event) */
    int nStyles;              /* Number of entries in styleTable */
    styleTableEntry *styleTable;          /* Table of fonts and colors for
                                 coloring/syntax-highlighting */
    char unfinishedStyle;           /* Style buffer entry which triggers
                                 on-the-fly reparsing of region */
    unfinishedStyleCBProc           /* Callback to parse "unfinished" */
          unfinishedHighlightCB;    /*     regions */
    void *highlightCBArg;           /* Arg to unfinishedHighlightCB */
    XFontStruct *fontStruct;        /* Font structure for primary font */
    int ascent, descent;            /* Composite ascent and descent for
                                 primary font + all-highlight fonts */
    int fixedFontWidth;             /* Font width if all current fonts are
                                 fixed and match in width, else -1 */
    Widget hScrollBar, vScrollBar;
    GC gc, selectGC, highlightGC;   /* GCs for drawing text */
    GC selectBGGC, highlightBGGC;   /* GCs for erasing text */
    GC cursorFGGC;                  /* GC for drawing the cursor */
    GC lineNumGC;                   /* GC for drawing line numbers */
    GC styleGC;                     /* GC with color and font unspecified
                                 for drawing colored/styled text */
    Pixel fgPixel, bgPixel;         /* Foreground/Background colors */
    Pixel selectFGPixel,            /* Foreground select color */
          selectBGPixel;            /* Background select color */
    Pixel highlightFGPixel,             /* Highlight colors are used when */
          highlightBGPixel;             /*    flashing matching parens    */
    Pixel lineNumFGPixel;           /* Color for drawing line numbers */
    Pixel cursorFGPixel;
    Pixel *bgClassPixel;            /* table of colors for each BG class */
    unsigned char *bgClass;         /* obtains index into bgClassPixel[] */
    Widget calltipW;                    /* The Label widget for the calltip */
    Widget calltipShell;                /* The Shell that holds the calltip */
    calltipStruct calltip;              /* The info for the calltip itself */
    Pixel calltipFGPixel;
    Pixel calltipBGPixel;
    int suppressResync;             /* Suppress resynchronization of line
                                           starts during buffer updates */
    int nLinesDeleted;              /* Number of lines deleted during
                                 buffer modification (only used
                                   when resynchronization is 
                                           suppressed) */
    int modifyingTabDist;           /* Whether tab distance is being
                                 modified */
    Boolean pointerHidden;              /* true if the mouse pointer is 
                                           hidden */
    graphicExposeTranslationEntry *graphicsExposeQueue;
} textDisp;

textDisp *TextDCreate(Widget widget, Widget hScrollBar, Widget vScrollBar,
      Position left, Position top, Position width, Position height,
      Position lineNumLeft, Position lineNumWidth, textBuffer *buffer,
      XFontStruct *fontStruct, Pixel bgPixel, Pixel fgPixel,
      Pixel selectFGPixel, Pixel selectBGPixel, Pixel highlightFGPixel,
      Pixel highlightBGPixel, Pixel cursorFGPixel, Pixel lineNumFGPixel,
        int continuousWrap, int wrapMargin, XmString bgClassString, 
        Pixel calltipFGPixel, Pixel calltipBGPixel);
void TextDFree(textDisp *textD);
void TextDSetBuffer(textDisp *textD, textBuffer *buffer);
void TextDAttachHighlightData(textDisp *textD, textBuffer *styleBuffer,
      styleTableEntry *styleTable, int nStyles, char unfinishedStyle,
      unfinishedStyleCBProc unfinishedHighlightCB, void *cbArg);
void TextDSetColors(textDisp *textD, Pixel textFgP, Pixel textBgP,
        Pixel selectFgP, Pixel selectBgP, Pixel hiliteFgP, Pixel hiliteBgP, 
        Pixel lineNoFgP, Pixel cursorFgP);
void TextDSetFont(textDisp *textD, XFontStruct *fontStruct);
int TextDMinFontWidth(textDisp *textD, Boolean considerStyles);
int TextDMaxFontWidth(textDisp *textD, Boolean considerStyles);
void TextDResize(textDisp *textD, int width, int height);
void TextDRedisplayRect(textDisp *textD, int left, int top, int width,
      int height);
void TextDSetScroll(textDisp *textD, int topLineNum, int horizOffset);
void TextDGetScroll(textDisp *textD, int *topLineNum, int *horizOffset);
void TextDInsert(textDisp *textD, char *text);
void TextDOverstrike(textDisp *textD, char *text);
void TextDSetInsertPosition(textDisp *textD, int newPos);
int TextDGetInsertPosition(textDisp *textD);
int TextDXYToPosition(textDisp *textD, int x, int y);
int TextDXYToCharPos(textDisp *textD, int x, int y);
void TextDXYToUnconstrainedPosition(textDisp *textD, int x, int y, int *row,
      int *column);
int TextDLineAndColToPos(textDisp *textD, int lineNum, int column);
int TextDOffsetWrappedColumn(textDisp *textD, int row, int column);
int TextDOffsetWrappedRow(textDisp *textD, int row);
int TextDPositionToXY(textDisp *textD, int pos, int *x, int *y);
int TextDPosToLineAndCol(textDisp *textD, int pos, int *lineNum, int *column);
int TextDInSelection(textDisp *textD, int x, int y);
void TextDMakeInsertPosVisible(textDisp *textD);
int TextDMoveRight(textDisp *textD);
int TextDMoveLeft(textDisp *textD);
int TextDMoveUp(textDisp *textD, int absolute);
int TextDMoveDown(textDisp *textD, int absolute);
void TextDBlankCursor(textDisp *textD);
void TextDUnblankCursor(textDisp *textD);
void TextDSetCursorStyle(textDisp *textD, int style);
void TextDSetWrapMode(textDisp *textD, int wrap, int wrapMargin);
int TextDEndOfLine(const textDisp* textD, const int pos,
    const Boolean startPosIsLineStart);
int TextDStartOfLine(const textDisp* textD, const int pos);
int TextDCountForwardNLines(const textDisp* textD, const int startPos,
        const unsigned nLines, const Boolean startPosIsLineStart);
int TextDCountBackwardNLines(textDisp *textD, int startPos, int nLines);
int TextDCountLines(textDisp *textD, int startPos, int endPos,
      int startPosIsLineStart);
void TextDSetupBGClasses(Widget w, XmString str, Pixel **pp_bgClassPixel,
      unsigned char **pp_bgClass, Pixel bgPixelDefault);
void TextDSetLineNumberArea(textDisp *textD, int lineNumLeft, int lineNumWidth,
      int textLeft);
void TextDMaintainAbsLineNum(textDisp *textD, int state);
int TextDPosOfPreferredCol(textDisp *textD, int column, int lineStartPos);
int TextDPreferredColumn(textDisp *textD, int *visLineNum, int *lineStartPos);

#ifdef VMS /* VMS linker doesn't like long names (>31 chars) */
#define TextDImposeGraphicsExposeTranslation TextDGraphicsExposeTranslation
#endif /* VMS */

void TextDImposeGraphicsExposeTranslation(textDisp *textD, int *xOffset, int *yOffset);
Boolean TextDPopGraphicExposeQueueEntry(textDisp *textD);
void TextDTranlateGraphicExposeQueue(textDisp *textD, int xOffset, int yOffset, Boolean appendEntry);


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