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Public Attributes

prefData Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

int alwaysCheckRelativeTagsSpecs
int appendLF
int autoIndent
int autoSave
int autoScroll
int autoScrollVPadding
int backlightChars
char * backlightCharTypes
char bgMenuBtn [MAX_ACCEL_LEN]
char boldFontString [MAX_FONT_LEN]
XFontStruct * boldFontStruct
char boldItalicFontString [MAX_FONT_LEN]
XFontStruct * boldItalicFontStruct
char colorNames [NUM_COLORS][MAX_COLOR_LEN]
char delimiters [MAX_WORD_DELIMITERS]
int emTabDist
char fileVersion [6]
int findReplaceUsesSelection
int focusOnRaise
XmFontList fontList
char fontString [MAX_FONT_LEN]
Boolean forceOSConversion
char geometry [MAX_GEOM_STRING_LEN]
int globalTabNavigate
char helpFontNames [NUM_HELP_FONTS][MAX_FONT_LEN]
char helpLinkColor [MAX_COLOR_LEN]
int highlightSyntax
Boolean honorSymlinks
int insertTabs
int iSearchLine
char italicFontString [MAX_FONT_LEN]
XFontStruct * italicFontStruct
int keepSearchDlogs
int lineNums
int mapDelete
int matchSyntaxBased
int maxPrevOpenFiles
int openInTab
int pathInWindowsMenu
int prefFileRead
int repositionDialogs
int saveOldVersion
int searchDlogs
int searchMethod
int searchWrapBeep
int searchWraps
char serverName [MAXPATHLEN]
char shell [MAXPATHLEN+1]
int showMatchingStyle
int smartTags
int sortOpenPrevMenu
int sortTabs
int statsLine
int stdOpenDialog
int stickyCaseSenseBtn
int tabBar
int tabBarHideOne
int tabDist
char tagFile [MAXPATHLEN]
int textCols
int textRows
char titleFormat [MAX_TITLE_FORMAT_LEN]
char tooltipBgColor [MAX_COLOR_LEN]
int toolTips
int truncSubstitution
int typingHidesPointer
int undoModifiesSelection
int virtKeyOverride
int warnExit
int warnFileMods
int warnRealFileMods
int wrapMargin
int wrapStyle

Detailed Description

Definition at line 242 of file preferences.c.

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