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Public Attributes

_textDisp Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int absTopLineNum
int ascent
unsigned char * bgClass
Pixel * bgClassPixel
Pixel bgPixel
calltipStruct calltip
Pixel calltipBGPixel
Pixel calltipFGPixel
Widget calltipShell
Widget calltipW
int continuousWrap
GC cursorFGGC
Pixel cursorFGPixel
int cursorOn
int cursorPos
int cursorPreferredCol
int cursorStyle
int cursorToHint
int cursorX
int cursorY
int descent
Pixel fgPixel
int firstChar
int fixedFontWidth
XFontStruct * fontStruct
GC gc
int height
GC highlightBGGC
Pixel highlightBGPixel
void * highlightCBArg
Pixel highlightFGPixel
GC highlightGC
int horizOffset
Widget hScrollBar
int lastChar
int left
Pixel lineNumFGPixel
GC lineNumGC
int lineNumLeft
int lineNumWidth
int * lineStarts
int modifyingTabDist
int nBufferLines
int needAbsTopLineNum
int nLinesDeleted
int nStyles
int nVisibleLines
Boolean pointerHidden
GC selectBGGC
Pixel selectBGPixel
Pixel selectFGPixel
GC selectGC
GC styleGC
int suppressResync
int top
int topLineNum
unfinishedStyleCBProc unfinishedHighlightCB
char unfinishedStyle
int visibility
Widget vScrollBar
Widget w
int width
int wrapMargin

Detailed Description

Definition at line 79 of file textDisp.h.

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