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Public Attributes

_XmLGridPart Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

XtCallbackList activateCallback
XtCallbackList addCallback
Boolean allowColHide
Boolean allowColResize
Boolean allowDrag
Boolean allowDrop
Boolean allowRowHide
Boolean allowRowResize
Boolean autoSelect
Pixel blankBg
int bottomFixedCount
Dimension bottomFixedMargin
int cellCol
int cellColRangeEnd
int cellColRangeStart
Boolean cellDefaults
XtCallbackList cellDrawCallback
XtCallbackList cellDropCallback
XtCallbackList cellFocusCallback
XtCallbackList cellPasteCallback
Pixmap cellPixmap
Dimension cellPixmapHeight
Pixmap cellPixmapMask
Dimension cellPixmapWidth
int cellRow
int cellRowRangeEnd
int cellRowRangeStart
XmString cellString
Boolean cellToggleSet
XmLGridCellRefValues cellValues
XmLArray colArray
int colCount
Boolean colHidden
Boolean colResizable
Boolean colSelected
unsigned char colSizePolicy
unsigned char colSortType
int colStep
unsigned char colType
XtPointer colUserData
Dimension colWidth
int cScrollCol
int cScrollRow
char cursorDefined
int debugLevel
Pixel defaultCellBg
Pixel defaultCellFg
XtCallbackList deleteCallback
XtCallbackList deselectCallback
XtIntervalId dragTimerId
char dragTimerSet
GridDropLoc dropLoc
XtCallbackList editCallback
XtIntervalId editTimerId
char editTimerSet
XtTranslations editTrans
XtCallbackList enterCellCallback
XtCallbackList enterGridCallback
int extendCol
int extendRow
Boolean extendSelect
int extendToCol
int extendToRow
XFontStruct * fallbackFont
int focusCol
char focusIn
int focusRow
XmFontList fontList
int footerColCount
int footerRowCount
GC gc
Dimension globalPixmapHeight
Dimension globalPixmapWidth
int headingColCount
int headingRowCount
int hiddenColCount
int hiddenRowCount
Widget hideButton
XtTranslations hideButtonTrans
Boolean hideUnhideButtons
Boolean highlightRowMode
Dimension highlightThickness
Cursor hResizeCursor
Widget hsb
unsigned char hsbDisplayPolicy
unsigned char hsPolicy
Dimension iconSpacing
char ignoreModifyVerify
Boolean immediateDraw
char inEdit
char inMode
Boolean inResize
int lastCursorMotionCol
int lastCursorMotionRow
int lastSelectCol
int lastSelectRow
Time lastSelectTime
Boolean layoutFrozen
int layoutStack
XtCallbackList leaveCellCallback
XtCallbackList leaveGridCallback
int leftFixedCount
Dimension leftFixedMargin
char mayHaveRowSpans
Dimension minColWidth
char needsHorizLayout
char needsVertLayout
XtCallbackList popupCallback
char recalcHorizVisPos
char recalcVertVisPos
GridReg reg [9]
XtCallbackList resizeCallback
int resizeCol
char resizeIsVert
int resizeLineXY
int resizeRow
int rightFixedCount
Dimension rightFixedMargin
XmLArray rowArray
int rowCount
Dimension rowHeight
Boolean rowSelected
unsigned char rowSizePolicy
int rowStep
unsigned char rowType
XtPointer rowUserData
Dimension scrollBarMargin
XtCallbackList scrollCallback
int scrollCol
int scrollRow
Pixel selectBg
XtCallbackList selectCallback
Pixel selectFg
unsigned char selectionPolicy
int shadowRegions
unsigned char shadowType
char * simpleHeadings
char * simpleWidths
Boolean singleClickActivation
char singleColScrollMode
int singleColScrollPos
Widget text
char textHidden
Pixel toggleBotColor
Dimension toggleSize
Pixel toggleTopColor
int topFixedCount
Dimension topFixedMargin
XtTranslations traverseTrans
Widget unhideButton
XtTranslations unhideButtonTrans
Boolean useAvgWidth
Boolean useTextWidget
char vertVisChangedHint
int visibleCols
int visibleRows
Cursor vResizeCursor
Widget vsb
unsigned char vsbDisplayPolicy
unsigned char vsPolicy

Detailed Description

Definition at line 312 of file GridP.h.

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