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Public Attributes

_TextPart Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int anchor
Boolean autoIndent
XtIntervalId autoScrollProcID
Boolean autoShowInsertPos
Boolean autoWrap
Boolean autoWrapPastedText
XmString backlightCharTypes
int btnDownX
int btnDownY
Pixel calltipBGPixel
Pixel calltipFGPixel
int columns
Boolean continuousWrap
XtIntervalId cursorBlinkProcID
int cursorBlinkRate
XtCallbackList cursorCB
Pixel cursorFGPixel
Cardinal cursorVPadding
char * delimiters
int dragDeleted
XtCallbackList dragEndCB
int dragInserted
int dragInsertPos
int dragNLines
int dragRectStart
int dragSourceDeleted
int dragSourceDeletePos
int dragSourceInserted
XtCallbackList dragStartCB
int dragState
int dragType
int dragXOffset
int dragYOffset
int emTabsBeforeCursor
int emulateTabs
XtCallbackList focusInCB
XtCallbackList focusOutCB
XFontStruct * fontStruct
Boolean heavyCursor
Boolean hidePointer
Pixel highlightBGPixel
Pixel highlightFGPixel
Widget hScrollBar
Time lastBtnDown
int lineNumCols
Pixel lineNumFGPixel
int marginHeight
int marginWidth
int motifDestOwner
int mouseX
int mouseY
int multiClickState
Boolean overstrike
Boolean pendingDelete
Boolean readOnly
int rectAnchor
int rows
Pixel selectBGPixel
Pixel selectFGPixel
int selectionOwner
Boolean smartIndent
XtCallbackList smartIndentCB
Widget vScrollBar
int wrapMargin

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file textP.h.

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