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/* $Id: nedit.h,v 1.69 2008/01/04 22:11:03 yooden Exp $ */
*                                                                              *
* nedit.h -- Nirvana Editor Common Header File                                 *
*                                                                              *
* Copyright 2004 The NEdit Developers                                          *
*                                                                              *
* This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the    *
* terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software    *
* Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later   *
* version. In addition, you may distribute versions of this program linked to  *
* Motif or Open Motif. See README for details.                                 *
*                                                                              *
* This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT *
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or        *
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for    *
* more details.                                                                *
*                                                                              *
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with *
* software; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple     *
* Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307 USA                                 *
*                                                                              *
* Nirvana Text Editor                                                          *
* July 31, 2001                                                                *
*                                                                              *


#include "textBuf.h"
#include <sys/types.h>

#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>
#include <Xm/Xm.h>
#include <Xm/XmStrDefs.h>
#ifdef VMS
#include "../util/VMSparam.h"
#ifndef __MVS__
#include <sys/param.h>
#endif /*VMS*/

#define NEDIT_VERSION           5
#define NEDIT_REVISION          5

/* Some default colors */
#define NEDIT_DEFAULT_FG        "black"
#define NEDIT_DEFAULT_TEXT_BG   "rgb:e5/e5/e5"
#define NEDIT_DEFAULT_SEL_FG    "black"
#define NEDIT_DEFAULT_SEL_BG    "rgb:cc/cc/cc"
#define NEDIT_DEFAULT_HI_FG     "white" /* These are colors for flashing */
#define NEDIT_DEFAULT_HI_BG     "red"   /*   matching parens. */
#define NEDIT_DEFAULT_HELP_FG   "black"
#define NEDIT_DEFAULT_HELP_BG   "rgb:cc/cc/cc"

/* Tuning parameters */
#define SEARCHMAX 5119          /* Maximum length of search/replace strings */
#define MAX_SEARCH_HISTORY 100      /* Maximum length of search string history */
#define MAX_PANES 6           /* Max # of ADDITIONAL text editing panes
                           that can be added to a window */
#ifndef VMS
#define AUTOSAVE_CHAR_LIMIT 30      /* number of characters user can type before
                           NEdit generates a new backup file */
#define AUTOSAVE_CHAR_LIMIT 80      /* set higher on VMS becaus saving is slower */
#endif /*VMS*/
#define AUTOSAVE_OP_LIMIT 8   /* number of distinct editing operations user
                           can do before NEdit gens. new backup file */
#define MAX_FONT_LEN 100      /* maximum length for a font name */
#define MAX_COLOR_LEN 30      /* maximum length for a color name */
#define MAX_MARKS 36          /* max. # of bookmarks (one per letter & #) */
#define MIN_LINE_NUM_COLS 4   /* Min. # of columns in line number display */
#define APP_NAME "nedit"      /* application name for loading resources */
#define APP_CLASS "NEdit"     /* application class for loading resources */

/* The accumulated list of undo operations can potentially consume huge
   amounts of memory.  These tuning parameters determine how much undo infor-
   mation is retained.  Normally, the list is kept between UNDO_OP_LIMIT and
   UNDO_OP_TRIMTO in length (when the list reaches UNDO_OP_LIMIT, it is
   trimmed to UNDO_OP_TRIMTO then allowed to grow back to UNDO_OP_LIMIT).
   When there are very large amounts of saved text held in the list,
   UNDO_WORRY_LIMIT and UNDO_PURGE_LIMIT take over and cause the list to
   be trimmed back further to keep its size down. */
#define UNDO_PURGE_LIMIT 15000000 /* If undo list gets this large (in bytes),
                             trim it to length of UNDO_PURGE_TRIMTO */
#define UNDO_PURGE_TRIMTO 1     /* Amount to trim the undo list in a purge */
#define UNDO_WORRY_LIMIT 2000000  /* If undo list gets this large (in bytes),
                             trim it to length of UNDO_WORRY_TRIMTO */
#define UNDO_WORRY_TRIMTO 5     /* Amount to trim the undo list when memory
                             use begins to get serious */
#define UNDO_OP_LIMIT 400       /* normal limit for length of undo list */
#define UNDO_OP_TRIMTO 200      /* size undo list is normally trimmed to
                             when it exceeds UNDO_OP_TRIMTO in length */
#define MAX_SHORTENED_ITEMS 100   /* max. number of items excluded in short- */
#endif                          /*     menus mode */

enum showMatchingStyle {NO_FLASH, FLASH_DELIMIT, FLASH_RANGE};
                       VIRT_KEY_OVERRIDE_ALWAYS };

/*  This enum must be kept in parallel to the array TruncSubstitutionModes[]
    in preferences.c  */

#define NO_FLASH_STRING       "off"
#define FLASH_DELIMIT_STRING  "delimiter"
#define FLASH_RANGE_STRING    "range"


#define MKSTRING(string) \
      XmStringCreateLtoR(string, XmSTRING_DEFAULT_CHARSET)
#define SET_ONE_RSRC(widget, name, newValue) \
{ \
    static Arg args[1] = {{name, (XtArgVal)0}}; \
    args[0].value = (XtArgVal)newValue; \
    XtSetValues(widget, args, 1); \

#define GET_ONE_RSRC(widget, name, valueAddr) \
{ \
    static Arg args[1] = {{name, (XtArgVal)0}}; \
    args[0].value = (XtArgVal)valueAddr; \
    XtGetValues(widget, args, 1); \

/* This handles all the different reasons files can be locked */
#define USER_LOCKED_BIT     0
#define PERM_LOCKED_BIT     1

#define LOCKED_BIT_TO_MASK(bitNum) (1 << (bitNum))
#define SET_LOCKED_BY_REASON(reasons, onOrOff, reasonBit) ((onOrOff) ? \
                    ((reasons) |= LOCKED_BIT_TO_MASK(reasonBit)) : \
                    ((reasons) &= ~LOCKED_BIT_TO_MASK(reasonBit)))

#define IS_USER_LOCKED(reasons) (((reasons) & LOCKED_BIT_TO_MASK(USER_LOCKED_BIT)) != 0)
#define SET_USER_LOCKED(reasons, onOrOff) SET_LOCKED_BY_REASON(reasons, onOrOff, USER_LOCKED_BIT)
#define IS_PERM_LOCKED(reasons) (((reasons) & LOCKED_BIT_TO_MASK(PERM_LOCKED_BIT)) != 0)
#define SET_PERM_LOCKED(reasons, onOrOff) SET_LOCKED_BY_REASON(reasons, onOrOff, PERM_LOCKED_BIT)

#define IS_ANY_LOCKED_IGNORING_USER(reasons) (((reasons) & ~LOCKED_BIT_TO_MASK(USER_LOCKED_BIT)) != 0)
#define IS_ANY_LOCKED_IGNORING_PERM(reasons) (((reasons) & ~LOCKED_BIT_TO_MASK(PERM_LOCKED_BIT)) != 0)
#define IS_ANY_LOCKED(reasons) ((reasons) != 0)
#define CLEAR_ALL_LOCKS(reasons) ((reasons) = 0)

/* determine a safe size for a string to hold an integer-like number contained in xType */
#define TYPE_INT_STR_SIZE(xType) ((sizeof(xType) * 3) + 2)

/* Record on undo list */
00162 typedef struct _UndoInfo {
    struct _UndoInfo *next;         /* pointer to the next undo record */
    int           type;
    int           startPos;
    int           endPos;
    int     oldLen;
    char    *oldText;
    char    inUndo;                 /* flag to indicate undo command on
                                 this record in progress.  Redirects
                                 SaveUndoInfo to save the next mod-
                                 ifications on the redo list instead
                                 of the undo list. */
    char    restoresToSaved;  /* flag to indicate undoing this
                                 operation will restore file to
                                 last saved (unmodified) state */
} UndoInfo;

/* Element in bookmark table */
00180 typedef struct {
    char label;
    int cursorPos;
    selection sel;
} Bookmark;

/* Identifiers for the different colors that can be adjusted. */
enum colorTypes {

/* cache user menus: manage mode of user menu list element */
typedef enum {
    UMMM_UNMANAGE,     /* user menu item is unmanaged */
    UMMM_UNMANAGE_ALL, /* user menu item is a sub menu and is
                          completely unmanaged (including nested
                          sub menus) */
    UMMM_MANAGE,       /* user menu item is managed; menu items
                          of potential sub menu are (un)managed
                          individually */
    UMMM_MANAGE_ALL    /* user menu item is a sub menu and is
                          completely managed */
} UserMenuManageMode;

/* structure representing one user menu item */
00213 typedef struct _UserMenuListElement {
    UserMenuManageMode    umleManageMode;          /* current manage mode */
    UserMenuManageMode    umlePrevManageMode;      /* previous manage mode */
    char                 *umleAccKeys;             /* accelerator keys of item */
    Boolean               umleAccLockPatchApplied; /* indicates, if accelerator
                                                      lock patch is applied */
    Widget                umleMenuItem;            /* menu item represented by
                                                      this element */
    Widget                umleSubMenuPane;         /* holds menu pane, if item
                                                      represents a sub menu */
    struct _UserMenuList *umleSubMenuList;         /* elements of sub menu, if
                                                      item represents a sub menu */
} UserMenuListElement;

/* structure holding a list of user menu items */
00228 typedef struct _UserMenuList {
    int                   umlNbrItems;
    UserMenuListElement **umlItems;
} UserMenuList;

/* structure holding cache info about Shell and Macro menus, which are
   shared over all "tabbed" documents (needed to manage/unmanage this
   user definable menus when language mode changes) */
00236 typedef struct _UserMenuCache {
    int          umcLanguageMode;     /* language mode applied for shared
                                         user menus */
    Boolean      umcShellMenuCreated; /* indicating, if all shell menu items
                                         were created */
    Boolean      umcMacroMenuCreated; /* indicating, if all macro menu items
                                         were created */
    UserMenuList umcShellMenuList;    /* list of all shell menu items */
    UserMenuList umcMacroMenuList;    /* list of all macro menu items */
} UserMenuCache;

/* structure holding cache info about Background menu, which is
   owned by each document individually (needed to manage/unmanage this
   user definable menu when language mode changes) */
00250 typedef struct _UserBGMenuCache {
    int          ubmcLanguageMode;    /* language mode applied for background
                                         user menu */
    Boolean      ubmcMenuCreated;     /* indicating, if all background menu
                                         items were created */
    UserMenuList ubmcMenuList;        /* list of all background menu items */
} UserBGMenuCache;

/* The WindowInfo structure holds the information on a Document. A number
   of 'tabbed' documents may reside within a shell window, hence some of 
   its members are of 'shell-level'; namely the find/replace dialogs, the
   menu bar & its associated members, the components on the stats area
   (i-search line, statsline and tab bar), plus probably a few others.
   See CreateWindow() and CreateDocument() for more info.
   Each document actually 'lives' within its splitPane widget member, 
   which can be raised to become the 'top' (visible) document by function
   RaiseDocument(). The non-top documents may still be accessed through
   macros, or the context menu on the tab bar.
   Prior to the introduction of tabbed mode, each window may house only 
   one document, making it effectively an 'editor window', hence the name
   WindowInfo. This struct name has been preserved to ease the transition
   when tabbed mode was introduced after NEdit 5.4.
00275 typedef struct _WindowInfo {
    struct _WindowInfo *next;
    Widget  shell;                  /* application shell of window */
    Widget  mainWin;          /* main window of shell */
    Widget  splitPane;        /* paned win. for splitting text area */
    Widget  textArea;         /* the first text editing area widget */
    Widget  textPanes[MAX_PANES];   /* additional ones created on demand */
    Widget  lastFocus;        /* the last pane to have kbd. focus */
    Widget  statsLine;        /* file stats information display */
    Widget      statsLineForm;
    Widget      statsLineColNo;         /* Line/Column information display */
    Widget        iSearchForm;            /* incremental search line widgets */
    Widget        iSearchFindButton;
    Widget        iSearchText;
    Widget        iSearchClearButton;
    Widget        iSearchRegexToggle;
    Widget        iSearchCaseToggle;
    Widget        iSearchRevToggle;
    Widget  menuBar;                /* the main menu bar */
    Widget  tabBar;                 /* tab bar for tabbed window */
    Widget  tab;              /* tab for this document */
    Widget  replaceDlog;            /* replace dialog */
    Widget  replaceText;            /* replace dialog settable widgets... */
    Widget  replaceWithText;
    Widget        replaceCaseToggle;
    Widget  replaceWordToggle;    
    Widget  replaceRegexToggle;    
    Widget  replaceRevToggle;
    Widget  replaceKeepBtn;
    Widget  replaceBtns;
    Widget  replaceBtn;
    Widget  replaceAllBtn;
    Widget      replaceInWinBtn;
    Widget  replaceInSelBtn;
    Widget  replaceSearchTypeBox;
    Widget  replaceFindBtn;
    Widget  replaceAndFindBtn;
    Widget  findDlog;         /* find dialog */
    Widget  findText;         /* find dialog settable widgets... */
    Widget      findCaseToggle;
    Widget      findWordToggle;    
    Widget      findRegexToggle;    
    Widget  findRevToggle;
    Widget  findKeepBtn;
    Widget  findBtns;
    Widget  findBtn;
    Widget  findSearchTypeBox;
    Widget  replaceMultiFileDlog;   /* Replace in multiple files */
    Widget  replaceMultiFileList;
    Widget  replaceMultiFilePathBtn;
    Widget  fontDialog;       /* NULL, unless font dialog is up */
    Widget  colorDialog;            /* NULL, unless color dialog is up */
    Widget  readOnlyItem;           /* menu bar settable widgets... */
    Widget  autoSaveItem;
    Widget  saveLastItem;
    Widget      openSelItem;
    Widget      newOppositeItem;
    Widget  closeItem;
    Widget  printSelItem;
    Widget  undoItem;
    Widget  redoItem;
    Widget  cutItem;
    Widget  delItem;
    Widget  copyItem;
    Widget  lowerItem;
    Widget  upperItem;
    Widget      findSelItem;
    Widget      findAgainItem;
    Widget  replaceFindAgainItem;
    Widget  replaceAgainItem;
    Widget      gotoSelItem;
    Widget  langModeCascade;
    Widget  findDefItem;
    Widget  showTipItem;
    Widget  autoIndentOffItem;
    Widget  autoIndentItem;
    Widget  smartIndentItem;
    Widget        noWrapItem;
    Widget        newlineWrapItem;
    Widget        continuousWrapItem;
    Widget  statsLineItem;
    Widget  iSearchLineItem;
    Widget  lineNumsItem;
    Widget  showMatchingOffItem;
    Widget  showMatchingDelimitItem;
    Widget  showMatchingRangeItem;
    Widget  matchSyntaxBasedItem;
    Widget  overtypeModeItem;
    Widget  highlightItem;
    Widget  windowMenuPane;
    Widget  shellMenuPane;
    Widget  macroMenuPane;
    Widget        bgMenuPane;
    Widget        tabMenuPane;
    Widget        prevOpenMenuPane;
    Widget        prevOpenMenuItem;
    Widget        unloadTagsMenuPane;
    Widget        unloadTagsMenuItem;
    Widget        unloadTipsMenuPane;
    Widget        unloadTipsMenuItem;
    Widget  filterItem;
    Widget  autoIndentOffDefItem;
    Widget  autoIndentDefItem;
    Widget  smartIndentDefItem;
    Widget  autoSaveDefItem;
    Widget  saveLastDefItem;
    Widget  noWrapDefItem;
    Widget  newlineWrapDefItem;
    Widget  contWrapDefItem;
    Widget  showMatchingOffDefItem;
    Widget  showMatchingDelimitDefItem;
    Widget  showMatchingRangeDefItem;
    Widget  matchSyntaxBasedDefItem;
    Widget  highlightOffDefItem;
    Widget  highlightDefItem;
    Widget  backlightCharsItem;
    Widget  backlightCharsDefItem;
    Widget  searchDlogsDefItem;
    Widget      beepOnSearchWrapDefItem;
    Widget  keepSearchDlogsDefItem;
    Widget  searchWrapsDefItem;
    Widget      appendLFItem;
    Widget  sortOpenPrevDefItem;
    Widget  allTagsDefItem;
    Widget  smartTagsDefItem;
    Widget  reposDlogsDefItem;
    Widget      autoScrollDefItem;
    Widget  openInTabDefItem;
    Widget  tabBarDefItem;
    Widget  tabBarHideDefItem;
    Widget  toolTipsDefItem;
    Widget  tabNavigateDefItem;
    Widget      tabSortDefItem;
    Widget  statsLineDefItem;
    Widget  iSearchLineDefItem;
    Widget  lineNumsDefItem;
    Widget  pathInWindowsMenuDefItem;
    Widget        modWarnDefItem;
    Widget        modWarnRealDefItem;
    Widget        exitWarnDefItem;
    Widget  searchLiteralDefItem;
    Widget  searchCaseSenseDefItem;
    Widget  searchLiteralWordDefItem;
    Widget  searchCaseSenseWordDefItem;
    Widget  searchRegexNoCaseDefItem;
    Widget  searchRegexDefItem;
    Widget  replScopeWinDefItem;
    Widget  replScopeSelDefItem;
    Widget  replScopeSmartDefItem;
    Widget  size24x80DefItem;
    Widget  size40x80DefItem;
    Widget  size60x80DefItem;
    Widget  size80x80DefItem;
    Widget  sizeCustomDefItem;
    Widget  cancelShellItem;
    Widget  learnItem;
    Widget  finishLearnItem;
    Widget  cancelMacroItem;
    Widget  replayItem;
    Widget  repeatItem;
    Widget  splitPaneItem;
    Widget  closePaneItem;
    Widget  detachDocumentItem;
    Widget  moveDocumentItem;
    Widget  contextMoveDocumentItem;
    Widget  contextDetachDocumentItem;
    Widget        bgMenuUndoItem;
    Widget        bgMenuRedoItem;
    Widget  shortMenusDefItem;
    Widget  toggleShortItems[MAX_SHORTENED_ITEMS]; /* Menu items to be
                                 managed and unmanaged to toggle
                                 short menus on and off */
    int           nToggleShortItems;
    char    filename[MAXPATHLEN];   /* name component of file being edited*/
    char    path[MAXPATHLEN]; /* path component of file being edited*/
    unsigned      fileMode;         /* permissions of file being edited */
    uid_t   fileUid;          /* last recorded user id of the file */
    gid_t   fileGid;          /* last recorded group id of the file */
    int           fileFormat;             /* whether to save the file straight
                                 (Unix format), or convert it to
                                 MS DOS style with \r\n line breaks */
    time_t        lastModTime;            /* time of last modification to file */
    dev_t       device;                 /*  device where the file resides */
    ino_t       inode;                  /*  file's inode  */
    UndoInfo      *undo;                  /* info for undoing last operation */
    UndoInfo      *redo;                  /* info for redoing last undone op */
    textBuffer    *buffer;          /* holds the text being edited */
    int           nPanes;                 /* number of additional text editing
                                 areas, created by splitWindow */
    int           autoSaveCharCount;      /* count of single characters typed
                                 since last backup file generated */
    int           autoSaveOpCount;  /* count of editing operations "" */
    int           undoOpCount;            /* count of stored undo operations */
    int           undoMemUsed;            /* amount of memory (in bytes)
                                 dedicated to the undo list */
    char    fontName[MAX_FONT_LEN]; /* names of the text fonts in use */
    char    italicFontName[MAX_FONT_LEN];
    char    boldFontName[MAX_FONT_LEN];
    char    boldItalicFontName[MAX_FONT_LEN];
    XmFontList    fontList;         /* fontList for the primary font */
    XFontStruct *italicFontStruct;  /* fontStructs for highlighting fonts */
    XFontStruct *boldFontStruct;
    XFontStruct *boldItalicFontStruct;
    XtIntervalId flashTimeoutID;    /* timer procedure id for getting rid
                                 of highlighted matching paren.  Non-
                                 zero val. means highlight is drawn */
    int           flashPos;         /* position saved for erasing matching
                                 paren highlight (if one is drawn) */
    int     wasSelected;            /* last selection state (for dim/undim
                                 of selection related menu items */
    Boolean filenameSet;            /* is the window still "Untitled"? */ 
    Boolean fileChanged;            /* has window been modified? */
    Boolean     fileMissing;            /* is the window's file gone? */
    int         lockReasons;            /* all ways a file can be locked */
    Boolean autoSave;         /* is autosave turned on? */
    Boolean saveOldVersion;         /* keep old version in filename.bck */
    char    indentStyle;            /* whether/how to auto indent */
    char    wrapMode;         /* line wrap style: NO_WRAP,
                                 NEWLINE_WRAP or CONTINUOUS_WRAP */
    Boolean overstrike;       /* is overstrike mode turned on ? */
    char    showMatchingStyle;      /* How to show matching parens:
                                 NO_FLASH, FLASH_DELIMIT, or
                                 FLASH_RANGE */
    char    matchSyntaxBased; /* Use syntax info to show matching */
    Boolean showStats;        /* is stats line supposed to be shown */
    Boolean       showISearchLine;        /* is incr. search line to be shown */
    Boolean       showLineNumbers;        /* is the line number display shown */
    Boolean highlightSyntax;  /* is syntax highlighting turned on? */
    Boolean backlightChars;         /* is char backlighting turned on? */
    char    *backlightCharTypes;    /* what backlighting to use */
    Boolean modeMessageDisplayed;   /* special stats line banner for learn
                                 and shell command executing modes */
    char    *modeMessage;           /* stats line banner content for learn
                                 and shell command executing modes */
    Boolean ignoreModify;           /* ignore modifications to text area */
    Boolean windowMenuValid;  /* is window menu up to date? */
    int           rHistIndex, fHistIndex; /* history placeholders for */
    int           iSearchHistIndex; /*   find and replace dialogs */
    int           iSearchStartPos;        /* start pos. of current incr. search */
    int           iSearchLastBeginPos;    /* beg. pos. last match of current i.s.*/
    int           nMarks;                 /* number of active bookmarks */
    XtIntervalId markTimeoutID;           /* backup timer for mark event handler*/
    Bookmark      markTable[MAX_MARKS];   /* marked locations in window */
    void          *highlightData;   /* info for syntax highlighting */
    void          *shellCmdData;    /* when a shell command is executing,
                                 info. about it, otherwise, NULL */
    void          *macroCmdData;    /* same for macro commands */
    void          *smartIndentData;       /* compiled macros for smart indent */
    Atom    fileClosedAtom;         /* Atom used to tell nc that the file is closed */
    int     languageMode;           /* identifies language mode currently
                                 selected in the window */
    Boolean multiFileReplSelected;  /* selected during last multi-window 
                                 replacement operation (history) */
    struct _WindowInfo**            /* temporary list of writable windows */
            writableWindows;  /* used during multi-file replacements */
    int           nWritableWindows; /* number of elements in the list */
    Bool    multiFileBusy;          /* suppresses multiple beeps/dialogs
                                 during multi-file replacements */
    Bool    replaceFailed;          /* flags replacements failures during
                                 multi-file replacements */
    Bool    replaceLastRegexCase;   /* last state of the case sense button
                                           in regex mode for replace dialog */
    Bool    replaceLastLiteralCase; /* idem, for literal mode */
    Bool    iSearchLastRegexCase;   /* idem, for regex mode in 
                                           incremental search bar */
    Bool    iSearchLastLiteralCase; /* idem, for literal mode */
    Bool    findLastRegexCase;      /* idem, for regex mode in find dialog */
    Bool    findLastLiteralCase;    /* idem, for literal mode */
    int           replaceScope;           /* Current scope for replace dialog */
    Widget  replaceScopeWinToggle;  /* Scope for replace = window */
    Widget  replaceScopeSelToggle;  /* Scope for replace = selection */
    Widget  replaceScopeMultiToggle;/* Scope for replace = multiple files */
    UserMenuCache   *userMenuCache;     /* cache user menus: */
    UserBGMenuCache  userBGMenuCache;   /* shell & macro menu are shared over all
                                           "tabbed" documents, while each document
                                           has its own background menu. */
} WindowInfo;

extern WindowInfo *WindowList;
extern Display *TheDisplay;
extern Widget TheAppShell;
extern char *ArgV0;
extern Boolean IsServer;


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